Ethan Donel

Being raised and born in Los Angeles, Ethan quickly realized the essence of the city he so loves. Even as a young boy, he remembers how fascinated he was at the city’s architecture. His fondest memory of real estate is when his family was looking for a new home and the excitement he felt as they found their perfect place in the world. This memory piqued Ethan’s interest in real estate and fuels his ambitious career to help others find their perfect place in our world.

Ethan attended school for history, where he realized the importance of the real estate industry through the history of California. Most recently, Ethan has been under the guiding wings of RARE Properties principals, Kennon Earl and Tom Davila. Using their combined experience of 30 years in real estate, they have mentored Ethan to navigate the challenges of the industry. Always determined, perceptive and curious, Ethan surprised the RARE team by how much he mastered in so little time which is evident by these words that recently came from his clients: “This has been one of my toughest, most time consuming moves and Ethan was patient, informative, and helped me in every way possible”.

When Ethan’s not at the office you can usually find him at Equinox were he loves to work out and play basketball. Ethan also enjoys watching his favorite team play, The Lakers. Being very active in the community is very important to Ethan which is why he is always helping out at his local temple.

Ethan Donel


DRE Lic# 02059315


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